Who I am

I am Michael Ghelfi, and be welcome on my website.

Composer, writer, world builder and game master for D&D. You will discover here all my creations, ranging from my music albums to my literature projects.

Creating is what drives me in life. I constantly try to design new things, acquire new knowledge and broaden my understanding of the world. Life is a wonderful adventure and I decided not to waste a single second of mine. I strongly trust the genius of the human mind, and will do my best to contribute to the wonderful achievements of humanity. Even if it’s only with a modest collection of music compositions or a few fantasy books.

My writings are related to Dungeons & Dragons – the most renown tabletop fantasy game – as well as the fantasy world I’ve been working on since 2013. Writing is certainly the best way to express myself and channel my creativity. Also, worldbuilding is definitely the only way I found to put in good use all of my knowledge and interests.

So that you know me better, I’m a simple swiss guy. I draw inspiration from nature, history, philosophy and psychology mainly. I got a passion for reading and learning, so I couldn’t limit myself to the aformentioned subjects.

Beside that, I’m a graduated cybersecurity master student at HEC Lausanne. It won’t surprise you if I say I love technology, science, video games and arts.

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