The Greatest adventures deserve the greatest audio

At the dawn of the ages, while the young mortal races still roamed the wild plains, a picky gamemaster was annoyed by the quality of the RPG audio on YouTube. He decided to use his skills as a composer and sound designer to share the fruit of his imagination with the world. From the alliance between an exceptionally tight community and a strange bard bearing the mark of the raven was born the largest library of ambient sounds in the world.

Very quickly the community grew to the point of reaching 95’000 members on YouTube, 30’000 on Spotify and 1,000 on Discord. The sounds have been listened to over  20 million times on YouTube alone, and are used by hundreds of Podcasters, YouTubers and Streamers. They have also been used in AAA games like Mordhau or in music like Verminous by The Black Dahlia Murder.

Will you be wise enough to use them too?

Bard at work by Maja Budner

Everything you need

From a spatial base to a magically-tainted desert, Michael and Filip Melvan composed over 750 ambiences and 380 songs. You’ll find all the RPG audio you need, and if it’s not the case, then it shall be soon.

Made by a DM, for DMs

Michael is a veteran dungeon master for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition, and a published D&D author. His ambiences are made to help DMs, not to slow them. They are easy to use and require little interaction with. Let them play in the background immerse yourself in the most believable fantasy realms.

Unmatched audio Quality

Michael uses the same SFX libraries for his ambiences than the ones used in Hollywood movies and AAA video games. When some sounds can’t be found, he records his own or uses the voices of his community.

How to get that audio ?

Where to find all of my fantasy audio

Listen closely, fledgling! Our work is separated in two big chunks. You can check the full list of our creations here. It’s always up-to-date.


Both available for free streaming on YouTube and Spotify, and for paid download on Bandcamp and Itunes, AmazonMp3, etc.

Why both download and streaming at the same time ? YouTube quality is… YouTube quality, even though we do our best, they still compress it by a lot. Thereby, we recommend to download the pieces on Bandcamp (or here if you prefer the FoundryVTT modules). And good news, if you get the Volumes, each ambience costs as little as 18 cents! And it’s both available in long or short loops. However, we personally recommend the short seamless loops as they are easier to load on VTTs like Foundry and Roll20.


These are ambiences only available on Patreon, and only as downloads in seamless short loops (VTT-compatible). The ambiences on Patreon come in many different variations, and you get about 20 new ambiences per month.

The only way to get 100% of my work is to get the volumes on Bandcamp (And the full music discography if you like my music) AND a Sage+ Patreon tier.

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What is it?

Patreon is a trusted subscription based platform where you are able to choose a tier (level) and pay every month to get access to the content we create. Once you downloaded the content, you keep the rights on it, no need to stay subscribed forever! We recommend the Sage tier.

This tier is mostly to support our work, but you also get great music! It’s perfect if you use our YouTube channel for your sessions and want to give us something in return, or if you run a podcast and want to show your appreciation. You get some community content in return :

  • Music. Four orchestral songs composed by Filip Melvan each month.
  • Membership. You have access to the patreon feed and we receive a notification when you participate.
  • Discord Role. Your name gets a shiny color on Patreon, YAY! Everyone sees your support goes beyond words.
  • Exclusive Discord channel. You get access to a Patron only channel on the Discord. Replying on that channel is our priority!

Adventurer is the base tier to get exclusive content from our Patreon.

  • All of the 3$ rewards
  • Exclusive ambiences. You get at least ten ambiences/month.
  • Moulinette Integration (FoundryVTT). You get access to our content directly into Moulinette!
Bonus content
  • Polls. You can vote to chose an ambience, or more!
  • Collaborations. Frequently, we collaborate with fantastic artists. They create battlemaps made to be used with ambiences of mine, providing you easy-to-use packs for your sessions.

This is the best tier to get the full experience. If you become a Guardian, you get all the new Patreon exclusive audio and other cool stuff!

  • All of the 3$ and 5$ rewards.


  • More Ambiences. More often exclusive alternative ambiences to download.
  • Music. You will be able to download eight music tracks per month made by Filip, and sometimes additional ones made by Michael.
  • SFX. At least 5 meaningful one-shot sound effects (Magic item, cristals crashing, doors exploding, etc.). We make sounds that make sense, way beyond the boring [Zombie_attack_1] etc.


  • Other exclusive D&D content. Such as item cards, homebrew rules, full scenarios, etc. All is made through the many collaborations we make with fantastic content creators.

This tier provides a lot of more music and use rights for professional dungeon masters (paid – see conditions of use), but also Content Creators. At this tier, you can put our audio in your own content (FoundryVTT modules, animated maps, etc.).

  • All of the 3$, 5$, 10$ rewards.
  • Adventure Themes. You get one 30-minutes thematical piece of music. Filip and I will work together to also distribute ambiences and SFX, to make a big thematic pack. Also expect collaborations with other artists on that (Maps, Tokens, etc.)
  • Track variations. Piano version, subdued, other instruments, looped, etc. of the month’s music compositions.
  • Eternal Gratitude. Unique Discord unique rank of Conclave’s Sage.
  • Basic TTRPG Content Creator License. Read it here.

This tier is for very generous supporters or Advanced Content Creators. At this tier, as a creator, you can put our audio in your own content (FoundryVTT modules, animated maps, etc.). Please check the License of the main page.

  • All of the 3$, 5$, 10$, 15$ rewards.
  • Eternal Gratitude. Unique Discord unique rank of Conclave’s Sages.
  • All new music and ambiences albums for free. Filip will compose at least one full orchestral album on top of his usual compositions per year. This album won’t be released on Patreon, but only on Bandcamp/Spotify, etc… Except if you are a Chosen. You also get new (1-3/year) ambiences albums. You’ll be able to chose between the long or short loops versions.
  • Full TTRPG Content Creator License. Read it here.

A very special rank. It’s meant for those who can afford a huge support, or those who make a living using our work (in the free use “Streamer/YouTuber/Podcaster” category).

  • All lower tiers rewards.
  • Free orchestral composition (once). Filip will compose a track based on your needs. The piece will be shared with the other patrons afterwards. Other conditions may apply, please contact us beforehand.
  • Eternal Gratitude. This tier is for generous patrons who provide more support, thus earning the Discord unique rank of Conclave’s Sage.


Thank you for being part of the flight

Whether a patron who pledges monthly, a raven who has signed up to the newsletter, a share on our work or a sub on the YouTube channel, any of these actions contribute to the greatness of our flight. Your support is tremendously appreciated and really makes a difference. We can only be a full-time composer thanks to you, which improves the quality in return.