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Ambiences Database

The following database is a spreadsheet that contains a full list of every ambience composed by Michaël Ghelfi Studios (MGS), there is an equivalent one for audio effects (SFX) and songs. Access this page from a computer, mobile devices can omit some of its content.

Every ambience has an obtainable license available on the official store which allows the client to apply it on a commercial project. If a specific track is missing, contact our team for a subsequent update. Notice: The column ‘Sage’ License is exclusively about licenses for Tabletop Content Creators, it does not apply to any other form of commercial content. Bandcamp hyperlinks direct to its main page as ambiences are available in long and short loops.

The Bandcamp content can’t be found on Patreon, and the Patreon contact can’t be found on Bandcamp, as explained on the front page.