Commissioning a work by Michael Ghelfi

What is Commissioning and how it works

Want me to compose a piece for you ? That’s definitely something I can do. Commissioning a work allows you to use the piece for a commercial project without any restriction. Share the details of your projects and needs with me, and once everything is clear and discussed, I will deliver the piece you asked for with a legal contract stating your rights upon the piece.

I’ve already worked for many different kind of projects : trailers, theater, movies, video games, TV advertisement, etc. Just contact me and provide useful informations and we’ll discuss it. Keep in mind I won’t accept nebulous projects full of if’s and uncertainty. My time is precious, and I only spend it with serious people, working on serious projects.

If you are rather interested in using a song I’ve already composed, licensing might be more suitable for your needs. Please head over this place to learn about it.


Informations needed

Please include in your message :

  • Your name/company name
  • Description of your project
  • What kind of music you need
    • Genre : Orchestral, steampunk, post-rock, etc.
    • Emotion : Courage, melancholy, fear, etc.
    • Length
  • Anything else that could be interesting
    • Deadline
    • Audio examples

To contact me, use the form here or contact me through Facebook.