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Conditions of Use

Michaël Ghelfi Studios (the “Studios”, “team”, “us” or “we”) provides a range of content that can be used by any person or persons (the “Consumer” or “you”) in agreement with the conditions of use stated below.

These conditions apply to any content published by Michaël Ghelfi and Filip Melvan, i.e. Michaël Ghelfi Studios, and aim to allow the Consumer maximum liberty while shielding our work against virtual goblins that may steal our intellectual property.

Contact us by email at if you have any further questions which were unanswered by this document.

Table of Contents

Personal Use

  • The Consumer may apply the Studios’ content for personal use freely, such as for entertainment, gaming or relaxation, amongst others. These activities do not require a license or a permission – a simple “shout out” of our Patreon page or YouTube channel would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy!
  • The Consumer is not allowed to distribute any of the Studios’ content, even after a purchase. Our team requests that the Consumer refrain from illegal distribution in order for us to improve our content and pay our expenses.

Public Use

  • The Consumer is not allowed to apply the Studios’ content in any discriminatory or pornographic work, amongst other controversial projects.
  • The Consumer may apply the Studios’ content on audiobooks, broadcasts (e.g. Twitch) and podcasts, amongst other similar projects, with the exception of ambiences. The Consumer may need a license according to the project, please see below.
  • The Consumer does not acquire any special permissions after purchasing the Studios’ content, e.g. buying a track is different than buying its license. Licenses can be obtained in our official store.
  • The Consumer is not allowed to distribute or publish (“reupload”) any of the Studios’ content without prior permission, this action characterizes illegality. If the Consumer wishes to distribute our content on media such as for a Kickstarter, amongst others, send us an email at
  • The Consumer that acquired a license may perform simple and lesser changes to the content, such as cropping, fade-in or fade-out on audio files, volume changes, but is not allowed to realize complex and higher alterations. Contact us if you have any questions.

As of June 2022, a total of eight (8) YouTube channels have been officially terminated for theft of the Studios’ content. Our hope is that this quantity does not increase.

Music or ambiences production

Using our audio in a song is possible, but the Consumer must acquire a license from the Studios’ official store. However, the Consumer is never allowed to use the Studios’ content to compose new ambiences.

The Studios reiterates that the Consumer must never use our content to create new ambiences or sound effects (SFX), our team has the exhausting task of dealing with copyright complaints every week. This condition seeks to protect the Consumer since the SFX used by us are officially licensed, but not owned by the Studios, i.e. the Consumer is at risk of being prosecuted by the providers.

Broadcast, podcasts and videos

  • The Consumer that produces content such as a broadcast (e.g. Twitch), podcast or video (e.g. YouTube) may use our Studios’ content freely – a simple “shout out” of our Patreon page or YouTube channel would be greatly appreciated.
  • The Consumer may monetize its broadcasts, podcasts or videos. Companies commonly demand an yearly payment ranging from U$ 100.00 to U$ 5,000.00 in order to access their enormous audio libraries, but we do not. The production of ambiences is highly expensive, Michaël alone invested over U$ 15,000.00 solely on 2020 for its creation. Our team only asks that you consider donating or supporting us on Patreon – none of this external support is mandatory, but it would be greatly appreciated. The Consumer can enjoy the highest quality sound available and our team can enjoy winning our bread!

Commercial projects

Commercial projects are defined as any for-profit production, such as advertisements or promotional videos, escape rooms, movies, online courses, theater or video games, amongst others.


Non Commercial projects

Non-commercial projects are defined as any non-profit production, such as free educational content, family videos or local charities, amongst others.

  • The Consumer that produces any non-commercial project may use the Studios’ content freely – a simple “shout out” of our Patreon page or YouTube channel would be greatly appreciated.
  • One of the special cases is video games, send our team an email at to answer any further questions. Our team treats video games cases one by one.

Professional Dungeon Masters

Consumers that are paid gamemasters, or paid Dungeon Masters (DM), must have a specific Patreon tier on the Studios’ page. The tier is called “Sage” and it only provides commercial use rights to this specific activity.

Promotional Assets

The Studios’ official images, logos, and other media, plus informational documents, can be accessed via Google Drive.

How to shout out

A “shout out” is an excellent way of supporting our work, suggestions include writing a post about the Studios, linking our pages (Bandcamp, Patreon, Spotify and YouTube) or explaining the impact of our work on yours, amongst other means. Basically, just credit us!

Accidents and Theft

Consumers that may have committed an accidental mistake, such as applying the Studios’ content on a commercial project without a license, must contact our team at to discuss any further actions.

Consumers that purposefully stole the Studios’ content must erase their content immediately otherwise we will seek strong legal action.

Consumers that inform our team about any person or persons using the Studios’ content without crediting or licenses may contact us to get rewarded.

The conditions stated above were updated on June 6th, 2022.