Download Michael’s Music

Where to download my music

There are many places where you can download my music. Hereunder are a few links to embed albums. If you don’t like Bandcamp for some reason, you may prefer these following places to get my music :

Here’s a direct link to Bandcamp. Keep in mind that’s the only place that has all of my work to download.

If you can’t afford to get my music, that’s not a problem. As a student, I know what it is. Every song of mine is available to listen for free on my Youtube channel.

Just note that albums have a much higher sound quality, mainly due to Youtube sound compression choices and because I upload reworked album versions of my songs.

Thank you very much for supporting my work, you are making a huge difference.

You don’t find what you need ? Consider commissioning a piece.

My full discography

Ambiences for Dungeons And Dragons or any project

The very first Orchestral Steampunk Album in the world !