Download Michael’s Music

Where to download my music

There are many places where you can download my music. Hereunder are a few links to embed albums. If you don’t like Bandcamp for some reason, you may prefer these following places to get my music :

Here’s a direct link to Bandcamp. Keep in mind that’s the only place that has all of my work to download.

If you can’t afford to get my music, that’s not a problem. As a student, I know what it is. Every song of mine is available to listen for free on my Youtube channel. Just keep in mind that extracting the sound from YouTube is legally considered as stealing.

Also note that albums have a much higher sound quality, mainly due to Youtube sound compression choices and because I upload reworked album versions of my songs.

Thank you very much for supporting my work, you are making a huge difference.

You don’t find what you need ? Consider commissioning a piece.

My full discography

Ambiences for Dungeons And Dragons or any project

The very first Orchestral Steampunk Album in the world !