Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use your work in my project ?
How to get ALL of your work ?
Can I resell / repackage your work?


If you do, I hope you have a good lawyer.

How to collaborate with you ?

Send me an email!

Collaborations must be mutually beneficial.

How much is it for a commission ?

It really depends on the project and how it shall be used. It’s usually affordable for dungeons masters who want a very specific ambience for their game.

I also compose music and ambiences for companies.

How do you make your music / ambiences ?

11 years of self-training, tens of thousands of dollars of sound libraries, high-end computers and edition programs, and a lot of experimentation.

Never went to any bard college.

The rest is my own magic.

Did you compose [x] ambience ?

Check this page. It references all of my compositions. Make sure to check the tabs at the bottom, and don’t forget to use the search feature (ctrl+F or cmd + F)

What is a ‘Paid DM’ (dungeon Master)?

Paid DMs are people who receive a direct financial counterpart for organizing, setting up and leading any kind of Tabletop RolePlaying Games (TTRPGs, such as D&D). They are paid by the players. Generally, these sessions are never recorded.

Dungeon masters who make money streaming sessions on Twitch or on podcasts are not considered paid DMs.

Paid DMs who use my work are required to support me on Patreon. See Conditions of Use – Michael Ghelfi