Licensing Michael Ghelfi Music

What is music licensing ?

When you want to use my music in a commercial project (movies, video games, theater, etc …) buying the song in stores like Bandcamp or AmazonMP3 isn’t enough. You have to buy the license for the song(s). But do not worry, licensing my music is a simple process !

How to do it ? Simply contact me here and tell me about your project : what songs you need and how it will be used, how big will probably be the audience and any other information you may find useful to share. Then, I will send you the pricing and the contract we will fill together. If you are reactive, it usually takes a day or less, I do not waste time.

Using my music for free ?

There’s some situations that allow you to use my music without having to pay. Everything is very clearly explained in this video :

YouTube Channels, podcasts and streamers can use my music for free. Some non-commercial projects can do as well, but only if there’s no distribution of any file. By example, video games are not allowed to use my creations without contacting me first. On the other hand, if you just need a background sound for a play at school, it’s all good. If you are not sure if your project can be considered non-commercial, it’s better to contact me. The only condition is to credit me properly and add a link to my YouTube Channel, or even better, to this website, to my Facebook, etc. Priority to my Youtube channel though.

Just be aware that composing music costs a lot of money. You want to use my music for free for your Youtube channel ? Sure, but I’m sure you can afford $0.90 for a song on Bandcamp at least, so you get the best quality instead of extracting it from Youtube. That’s a fair trade I would say.

Don’t hesitate to drop me a link of your project if you use my music, I would love to discover your work.

Where to find my music ?

In case you didn’t hear it yet. You can find it on Youtube or on Bandcamp. Happy listening.