Licensing Michael Ghelfi’s Music

What is music licensing ?

When you want to use my music or ambiences in a commercial project (movies, video games, theater, etc …) buying the song in stores like Bandcamp or AmazonMP3 isn’t enough. You have to buy the license for the song(s). But do not worry, licensing my music is a simple process.

How to do it ? Simply contact me here and tell me about your project : what songs you need and how you’ll use them, how big the audience is and any other information you may find useful to share. Then, I will send you the contract/invoice and we will fill it together. If you are reactive, it usually takes a day or less, I do not waste time.

All my conditions are explained here.

Using my music for free ?

In some situations, you can use my music freely. Everything is clearly explained in this document.

Do not hesitate to drop me a link to your project if you use my music, I would love to discover your work.

Where to find my music ?

In case you didn’t hear it yet. You can find it on Youtube, on Spotify or on Bandcamp. Happy listening.