Literature Projects

Literature and me

I’m a passionate reader, and I would say there are little literature subjects I’ve never glanced at, but I’m an even more passionate writer.

I consider that the capacity to read is definitely the best thing that ever happened to me. Music might be a wonderful method to channel creativity and ideas, but not as efficient as reading and writing. To be honest, I have been writing stories since the first day I’ve been able to hold a pen, and music is just one of the different ways I found to write and create.
What I prefer to create, are Fantasy stories, as you will see just below. It allows me to be completely free, to let my imagination run wild. And if I’m good enough, to take you with me on a marvelous adventure.

Fantasy World Project

Creating a good fantasy world is not an easy task. It’s not about designing a random map and placing a few people here and there, write a story about a dragon or two and placing a sword in a rock. Creating a good fantasy world first requires to deeply understand the world you live in, the real world.

Why so ? Because even if it’s in a fantasy setting, it has to be believable. It requires to ask the right questions : where does everything come from ? Why is the earth round ? Why do people have different cultures ? What is a culture and how does it emerge and mix with others ? What’s the importance of languages in all of this ? How could I justify blue-leafed trees and underground civilizations ?

I have been studying literature of a wide range of subjects in the past ten years, from physics to biology, from philology to hermeneutics, from musicology to psychology. The objective is to provide you the most precise, deep, unique and yet realistic fantasy world.

There’s still a lot of work to do, and I consider it my lifetime project. Though it’s already quite well engaged, since it’s already several hundred pages of description long.

I am actually focusing on languages. Creating languages is a crucial step to create a convincing fantasy world. I already created two new languages, and I plan on creating five of them as a first step.

I’m currently studying old languages such as latin and ancient greek, and older forms of modern languages such as german, french and russian. Naturally, this fantasy world is not focused on Europe, nor do I want to make it feel like a europeanized fantasy world. This is why I’m also studying and focusing on non-european languages and cultures.

Here’s a map I made. It doesn’t contain the name of continents and places yet since names have a meaning, and will be displayed in their respective main language.

Map of Kor - Third Era - HD
Map of Kor – Third Era – HD

The project is not public yet, but when it will be, anyone will be able to collaborate and participate to enrich it, or even use it for all kind of projects.

Dungeons And Dragons

My Dungeons And Dragons projects are closely related to my fantasy world project. I’ve been working on several D&D books for the past two years. The first one is called “The Archmage’s Tome”, which is a 200 pages ‘homebrew’ rulebook for D&D fifth edition. It contains tons of new ideas and customization options, in accordance of D&D rules. It will soon be available to purchase.

My second book is called “Storms On The Archipelago”. It’s a gigantic 400+ pages campaign for D&D fifth edition, containing a crazy number of new short stories and a main questline in an open-world setting. In short, that’s basically like playing Skyrim but with your friends (and without any Arrow In The Knee jokes…).

Obviously, Both books are closely related to my fantasy world, and help understand it much better.

Beside that, I’ve written numerous 30-pages scenarios for D&D, which will be available this year to download.

Working with me

I work with several illustrators. On the left you can enjoy ‘Time Lord’ by Charlotte Junod. And on the right, “Gawelys Guard” by Isaline Rubattel. Left click on the images to discover their work.

Gawelys people in Ghelfi's Litterature

If you want to collaborate with me, don’t hesitate to contact me. I would gladly share more informations about my different projects with you. I’m looking for cartographers, illustrators, composers and experts of all kind of domains (geology, climatology, religions, etc.)


Definitely planned. I have written the main storylines, but I need to improve the fantasy world a lot more before writing anything.