Michael Ghelfi’s Music

How my music happened

Everything started in 2011, with a very cheesy song called ‘My Love Is Far Beyond The Sea‘. After several years in different disappointing Rock bands, I chosed to stop relying on other group members and start doing music on my own. I bought an external sound card (Line 6 Pod Studio GX to be precise…), and plugged it into an old Macbook. It took me one month to compose the aformentioned song, and the rest followed faster and faster. I was mostly composing Post-Rock at that time.

I had no knowledge or skills for music or music composition. I’ve learned everything by myself, just driven by the need to create and share. This need never left me, and later grew bigger with writings and other creative activities I have.


With the increase in the number of people following me came an increase in the overall quality of my work, and a growing interest in other musical genres. I started working on celtic, epic and orchestral two years after, in 2013.

It has always been a priority for me to share the highest quality I could provide. That’s why I started taking sound engineering courses with the extremely knowledgeable Wolfgang Rüfenacht, with whom I shared a common interest for music, science and humanist values. Sadly, the world was in mourning the day this genius lost his fight against cancer. Now I can only do my best to honor him everyday with my creations.

Over the years, more and more genres appeared on my channel, some even completely new. The most notorious certainly was Orchestral Steampunk music, with the song ‘Professor Edgard Winkle’s Invention‘. This song was composed with a spark of creativity, in only a couple hours, and later became the first step of a new genre.

What comes next ?

Over the years, more than 150 songs have been composed, all of which you can hear and download in the Complete Discography. Celtic, medieval, epic, Sci-Fi inspired music, etc. I don’t exactly know what awaits us. I only know that I will keep composing music and sharing it for free with everyone, on my Youtube channel, and that I will compose a soundtrack for the fantasy world I’m working on.

Recently, I found an interest in creating ambiences for D&D and roleplay sessions. These ambiences are of the highest quality, and don’t contain any sound loop at all. Unlike what you can find anywhere else, you won’t be able to recognize any layout, since I spend an absurd amount of time to make these sound as realistic and unpredictable as possible.

You like my work and would like to support me ? I’ve got a Patreon page running, and it’s life-changing already !