On this page you’ll find all kind of useful resources to use.

Spotify playlists

Click here to get the list of all carefully curated Spotify playlists, featuring the main playlists, as well as the theme-specific ones.

Get your voice in an ambience

Would you like to have your voice in one of my ambiences, or simply to help me find some otherwise unobtainable sound effects for my creations ? If yes, click here.

Press kit & promotional content

You can head over here to get it. In this folder, you’ll find my logos and some short presentation. If it’s not enough, you can always send me an email.

Sound libraries wishlist and donations

Great ambiences need great sound effects. To achieve that goal, I get most of them from very high quality sound libraries. I encourage you to check my wishlist, andĀ if you feel generous, do not hesitate to send me a few bucks on my Paypal and to tell me which one you offer me.