The Spotify playlists

Nothing more useful than a well-curated playlist to simplify your experience as a Dungeon Master, writer, or simply as a daydreamer. Right under, you’ll find tens of playlists that I created over the years and that update as soon as I add new content on Spotify. They all feature my work exclusively, so you won’t be surprised by differences of tone or quality. Regarding the content, all that is uploaded on my YouTube channel will eventually be uploaded on Spotify as well, only the Patreon exclusive tracks will never be on Spotify.

To not miss any track, do not forget to subscribe to the different playlists and to my artist profile; also hitting the Heart button on Spotify is always appreciated to help with the infamous algorithm.

All things said, now it’s your job to make good stories out of them!

Do you think a theme is missing ? Contact me and I’ll create it.

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Cold / Arctic

Cozy Medieval

Dark Haunted



Fantasy Forest

Fantasy Planes

Fantasy Temples

icewind Dale


Medieval Battles

Medieval City Life

Mysterious Caves

Original Campfire

Sea & Ocean

Steampunk Fantasy





Wild West