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How to have your voice in an ambience

 You can have your voice in my ambiences, it’s easy!

I’m looking for very specific sounds that are not available on internet. Together, we can push even further the limits of what can be done for fantasy ambiences. Without your help, I won’t be able to do it.

Everything is explained on this page, and I even provide audio examples.


Before you start recording yourself playing the role, just recording yourself saying “Michael Ghelfi” out loud. So I can be sure that it’s your voice, and not the sound from some copyrighted content (game, movie, etc.)

No real language, except I specifically asked otherwise. Just make a language up, and if you can’t find anything by yourself, think about Tolkien’s elvish or Dovahkiin’s language in Skyrim.

Even simpler => take any text in a foreign language and put it here, then read it in a non-english pronounciation.

Feel free to add pauses and questions. Like when you are doing a real conversation (if the context allows it).

By sending these sounds, you agree to give me an unlimited commercial use over them.
I’ll do my best to credit those who take part in it, but only if you want to.

How to record properly

To have good quality sounds, be careful about the background noises.

Turn off all sources of noises (fans, music, TV on the first floor, mobile phone etc.). Close your windows and record it where the reverberation is low. If really, you can put pillows, sheets or carpets on noise generating devices to dampen the sound. Anything that absorbs sounds makes a big difference, textile is particularly efficient.

Place yourself at about 20 centimeters from the recording device. Avoid yelling if you don’t have a great mic.

Careful about how you speak : try to have a clear open voice and avoid ‘bad habits’ like tongue noises, slurps, etc.

You can definitely record several voices at the same time, such as a fake conversation. Ask people around you! (Family, companion, etc.) it may be a fun activity!

What programs to use

Apple and Windows both have free recording apps on their store. Otherwise you can download more professional apps like OBS, Adobe Audition, Reaper, etc. There’s also this very simple solution.

Other details

I have a preference for .wav files.

It would be good if you could respect the naming convention => from the general to the specific.

  • voice_elf_male_01
  • voice_elf_male_02
  • Etc.
As for the length, a total length of 3 minutes is already good (separated in as many files as you want). More is always better, as it means more diversity and realism in my ambiences! 

Where to send the files?

The email address to send your home-recorded sounds is:

I recommend to send files through as they can be heavy.

Audio Examples

What sounds do I need?

Themes for which I need sounds (Both male and female sounds are welcome for all sounds) :

  • Elves
  • Dwarves
  • Lizardfolk
  • Orcs
  • Nobles
  • Priests / high priests for cults
  • Kids
  • Brothel (Only ‘SafeForWork’ sounds, naturally…). Lascivous voices, or welcomes.
  • Harem servants or harem boys/girls
  • Pirates
  • Soldiers (Normal soldiers or officers yelling orders)
  • Gnomes
  • Crazy peoples (mumbling, raging, any)
  • Groups of people (2 to 6) speaking normally.  PODCASTERS AND STREAMERS, PLEASE CONSIDER IT!
  • Chamanic voices
  • Tribal warriors, tribal citizens
  • Normal voices with another language in many different intonations
  • Secretive people
  • Mumbling or whispers
  • Anything that you may find cool
  • SPECIAL NEED : At the moment, I’m looking for voices in ARABIC for a specific project. As explained here