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Gamemasters, players, writers and even daydreamers can all enjoy curated playlists to ease their experience into this beautifully rich world of ambiences and songs for Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) and for other tabletop role-playing games (TTRPG).

Curated playlist, for the uninitiated, is a playlist built by an experienced person knowledgeable in the ways of gathering great tracks based on emotion, style, themes, and other criteria!

Here, our team has featured several playlists carefully crafted over the span of several years, these playlists are constantly updated as soon as new content appears on YouTube. Everything that is published on the Studios’ YouTube channel is eventually shared on Spotify, the only tracks that are platform exclusive are the ones available on our Patreon.

Don’t miss any new track by saving the playlists and subscribing to our channel. Also, if you enjoy any of the tracks, make sure to hit the like button to support us against the nefarious algorithm!

Do you wish for a specific playlist or theme? Contact us by Discord or email and our team will create it. Now, go forth and seek your glorious journeys, adventurer!

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