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YouTube Shorts: How to change back to the desktop interface

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  • 26 July 202226 July 2022
YouTube Shorts' logo with text below written: "How to change back to the desktop interface."
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We’ve recently started uploading Shorts on YouTube of tracks for specific themes (e.g. class, genre, location, etc.), and apparently we’re the first ones to do so in the audio community for D&D/TTRPG.

But, great as Shorts may be, there’s one thing that can be annoying for desktop users: its user interface (UI). You may prefer or need to change it back to the standard one, so here’s how:

  1. Open the video on Shorts.
  2. Grab the video’s ID code in its URL (link):[ID]
  3. Paste it on the following one:[ID]
  4. Done!

Here’s an example with our latest YouTube Shorts, “Barbarian Theme“. Click on the images to enlarge them!

Finding the video’s ID code.
Pasting on the standard URL.
Press enter and enjoy!

This is just one trick to use, but we’ve written a separate article with several YouTube tips. Check it out!