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Combat Music Collection Vol. 2 – FoundryVTT Module

Suggested price: $12.00

Minimum price: $10.00

This is a FoundryVTT module of the second combat music collection, entirely composed by Filip Melvan. One hour of pure epicness and joyful massacre. Get 5% off by purchasing all the modules at once.

Properties :

  • 3 tracks (total duration of one hour)
  • .ogg (VORBIS) format, which are of much higher quality and smaller size than mp3, as officially recommended by FoundryVTT.
  • Easy to install. Simply drop the unzipped folder in your “…/AppData/Local/FoundryVTT/Data/modules/”
  • Same conditions of use than for any other of our products.
  • Total size : about 79MB/Mo

You can listen to these tracks on the Bandcamp page, as there’s no embedded player on that website (but that’s the same pieces).

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